Turn your tech skills into machine learning expertise with this book and class bundle

Now that you’ve got mid-level tech skills, it’s time to direct them into one of the tech industry’s most in-demand fields.

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If your tech skills have reached the intermediate level and you’re ready to turbocharge your career, then check out the Pay What You Want: The Comprehensive Machine Learning Bundle and learn the latest commercial machine learning methods.

The bundle consists of six books and four courses, and you get to choose what you want to pay. Here’s the way it works.

  1. You can get the entire bundle by beating the average price.
  2. If you beat the leader’s price, you’ll not only get the bundle, you’ll be entered into a truly epic giveaway.
  3. Pay what you want and you’ll get something great even if it’s less than the average price.

Four of the books focus on Python. “Machine Learning for the Web” explores how to use Python to make better predictions, while “Python Machine Learning” will teach you how to generate the most useful data insights by using Python to build extremely powerful machine learning algorithms.

In “Advanced Machine Learning with Python” you can learn how to master Python’s latest machine learning techniques and use them to solve problems in data science. Then you can find out how to quickly build potent machine learning models and implement predictive applications on a large scale in “Large Scale Machine Learning with Python.”

In the two remaining books, you can learn how to use test-driven development to control machine learning algorithms in “Test Driven Machine Learning” and how to use Apache Spark to create a range of machine learning projects in “Apache Spark Machine Learning Blueprints.”

The “Step-by-Step Machine Learning with Python” course covers the most effective tools and techniques for machine learning. And you’ll find out how to perform real-world machine learning tasks in the “Python Machine Learning Solutions” course. The “Machine Learning with Open CV and Python” class can teach you how to use Python to analyze and understand data.

The final course is “Machine Learning with TensorFlow.” It explains how to use Google’s TensorFlow library to solve machine learning issues.

These books and courses are offered by Packt Publishing, which has created more than 3,000 books and videos full of actionable information for IT professionals, from optimizing skills in existing tools to emerging technology. Thousands of these bundles have already been sold.

Don’t miss this chance to get a great machine learning bargain. Get the Pay What You Want: The Comprehensive Machine Learning Bundle today (normally $843.92).

Prices subject to change.

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