The Future In Digitized Education


A Teacher can help immensely in shaping future generations by guiding the students in the right path/ direction, helping them gain the skills is necessary to lead a productive life while maintaining peace and good health. An inspired and well-informed teacher matters in life as they influence learning outcomes in the students with their individual contributions to Society.

The profession of teaching has its own share of challenges and struggles. A class full of students range over different aptitudes and behavior. Some may be quick learners while others may struggle in the learning process. As the learning capability and attention of students are different, it makes the assimilation of knowledge and the learning method of the Teacher more challenging. Some are fortunate to be guided by accomplished/ learned Teachers of the bygone days.

The creation of the Internet and web-enabled devices are converting the way classrooms operate. With the advancement of digitization, we perceive its political thought process as infringing on sacrosanct educational content. That is a deterrent for maintaining a Model Society we perceived!

We have seen currencies changing form, coins to paper with the latest being crypto-variants. However, even today Education remains the most important currency of every developing Society. With the growing urban and rural-base well into internet application, I poised the demography for a major digital transformation!

Learning From Digital Classes

Learning will bring in a harbinger of Social Changes within the Country. Statistically, India has over 400 million Internet users and about 330 million connected smartphone users. Hence Digital India has a major role to play in shaping E-Learning. With this shifting of focus i.e. imparting education through digital platforms, there is scope to link with Global platforms, providing accessibility to teachers and students which is poised to break socio-economic barriers towards gaining a quality education. This expected integration of technology with the School systems can create a major impact. Hence career development coupled with teaching strategies can bring in greater engagement. This enables the different learning styles to improve attention and effective for academic achievement. Students get used to fast and easily accessible information. This again requires the updating of the teachers to get used to such portals and operate smartly.

The past three years saw a focus on teacher training by the HRD Ministry, in order to standardize the quality of education at the school level. The NCTE, a statutory body is preparing to implement teacher training institutions across the country. Some Educationists have already understood the future concept and are investing time and money in developing updated content and learning aids for students. Such people distance themselves from local commercial propaganda. However, innovative training material requires huge individual investment as it requires refinement and sophistication for ease as a student’s learning portal. Unfortunately, it is observed Bengal and the Eastern Region are interested in ‘quick fix’ solutions that genuine Educationists will never recommend.

Digital Classes

Partnerships and Collaboration with Govt and international educational forums for quality modules are in pipeline. However, our experience shows Govt’s splurge for commercial exchange which we dishonor, and it may nip digitization in the bud. We, unfortunately, could not fathom the ‘verbology’ from the present E.M.

If the situation supports the concerted energies, the next few years may see our Country leapfrog into the field of education aided by advanced technology. An “inertia” is required for a collective and fair public-private partnership to address the enormous gap.

We must rectify the basic wrong in the mind. The ecosystem must be spruced up to make the teaching with professional trainers ie from industry and business, to bring in improved competence, professional skill, reference applicable to employability, in private, public, corporates, the scope for better opportunities abroad and within or develop as entrepreneurs under established and qualified Guardians established with years of decision making in Industry.

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