Robotic Application in Banks

Robotic Application in Banks

Two years back we had initiated the concept of Robots to Bengal, with different applications of Robots for Industrial services, Traffic Control, for Commercial Application in Banks and also to Kolkata Municipal Corporation for sewerage cleaning. This particular trial was done with KMC at Kolkata, but they fear to take any critical decision and want us to operate for them against contractual payment. Knowing the ‘ultra genius’ array of KMC staff & what they behold, we have suggested BOOM basis.(Buy, Own, Operate & Maintain) basis. Hence, their lethargy towards onward progress.

While promoting the subject in Schools and Colleges since then, in Kolkata and Howrah, we had emphasized the advantages it could provide to students in terms of occupation & academics:

• As Robotic Instructors, which is presently in great demand.(Presently required all over the Country, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka).The prospects are:

• Hands-on experience in creating an electro – mechanical, or sensory equipment with embedded commands, using computer programmes, thus leading the adolescent minds to innovation and skill development.

• Future scope of study & research in India or abroad leading to jobs in Digital Programming, Coding, Robotic Applications with leading automobile manufacturers in India & also in foreign countries where the subject helps programming console in space research & finally an advantage and support in NDA (National Defense Academy) as direct intern recruits for our Army’s Robotics Programme & Research.

One problem we faced with some Schools & Colleges, were their tight schedules with regard to completion of their respective syllabus, tests practical classes & their own calibration Exams leaving alone a student’s activity in sitting for other competitive career exams.While the other Schools & Colleges continued to complete their respective 9 month or 14 month Courses in Robotics with proper Certification, we feel that injustice was done to the talented cross section of student aspirants we have interacted so far.

However things are moving very fast in Robotics scenario.The Indian Armed Forces were the first to implement this subject in their Training Curriculum and presently NDA has also incorporated this subject into their respective syllabus under different Grades.

Recently two well known Banks in the country are the first to install Humanoid Robots for day to day operations.

The Kumbakonam City Branch of Union Bank, (CUB), have recruited Ms Lakshmi, a two feet Humanoid Robot in Customer Service in their Bank and the news given by their MD & CEO Mr N.Kamakodi reads:

Ms Lakshmi, the 2 feet Humanoid Robot is programmed to speak in perfect English, with elegant gestures, as a dignified female and interacts with the Bank’s customers for normal queries, about present F.D interest rates, loans, checking of account balances and all generic bulky questions as customised in any Bank.It took six months by the trainer to set her answers in programmed sequence, but she can relate the history of the Bank in sequence & that within 2.25 secs, including the list of the Bank’s branches!

However being situated in Tamil Nadu, she also speaks in perfect accentuated Tamil too. She is being promoted to Core Banking through another programme i.e Application Programming Interface, where she can handle all account details, issue of cheque books and give customer interaction history over a month, 6 months and around the year.

There are over-smart people in our society, so for their stupid questions, which is out of Ms Lakshmi’s syllabus, it has been designed in such a way that the answers appear across a screen fixed to her forehead.That indicates Ms Lakshmi has been groomed for every eventuality.

The HDFC Bank Branch at Kamala Mills compound in Mumbai have installed an Intelligent Robotic Assistant, which speaks fluently in Marathi, Hindi,Devanagari, English & French and is in a reporting OSD role for Cash Deposits, Foreign Exchange, Loans and handles heavy rush at the Bank very silently & elegantly.

The HDFC, Country Head of Digital Banking Mr Nitin Chugh, has another innovating news for all about their Bank.

For senior citizen or differently abled persons, there is another sari-clad, blue eyed Miss Sushree, with a “Take Me There” screen on her illuminating forehead! When approached, she holds the hand of the senior citizen, based of their queries and escorts them to the respective counter. The news is that the Branch is popular for it’s service to senior citizen.

The word is hereby cast and can be ‘written in the wall’, that Robots will become an integral part of every Bank in the country in the near future not only in front office, but gradually in all departments for efficacy & efficiency of the Banking sector.

Banks in Bengal must think faster.

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