India Require Drone Applications

India Require Drone Applications

At present India & Pakistan are trying to keep the pace on at least, ‘talking for peace’, but the events with China’s Army & policy makers, appears like the morbid cool of a morgue.As on date, no one in their rational minds can know the activities within the Great Wall of China.But one thing is certain.What China says, they do not do or practice and what they suddenly do or react is unforeseen from the previous round of talks.

Moreover China is the sole supplier of their manufactured sophisticated range of weapons for use in land, water or air to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and their largest export is to Pakistan.CNN T V report indicate that Pakistan has become self reliant in their own range of anti aircraft long range Guns and a medium version of the Kalashnikov LMGs. Any fugitive in Pakistan can be very difficult to detect from air, as they are expert burrowers of caves & digging tunnels in such mountainous terrains.

You are aware of the Border Road Corridor Project where China was permitted by Pakistan to build,which is permanent road through a border line section from Arunachal Pradesh upto Peshawar (POK) in Pakistan.Queries from known senior Defence personnel at Fort William yields a staggering account of a futuristic design for secessionist and separatist political activities and whatever is the omen for subtle advances, our country must have very high levels of areial intelligence to keep nefarious stances from these neighbors at bay.

The Indian Army has enhanced it’s Drone capabilities, including 75 indigenous (UAVs), unmanned aerial vehicles, that can be used for urgent combat missions to target strategic locations.This was displayed in “SWARM” in Kolkata during the Army Day Parade at Fort William.

Drones can play a crucial role in the event of a foreign incursion or War. This deployment has relaxed our armed border personnel to a great extent.

These UAVs are pilotless aircraft, which can help in locating the guided missiles to pinpoint targets for elimination.

While the whole world in particular is fighting the silent yet unpredictable battle with the mutating virus, Israel is in mood of a major air surveillance build up.

Israel has today on it’s additional combat artillery, the new HERON, which is a middle altitude long endurance Drone called ‘MALE’.It can fly for 52 Hrs at an average speed of 185 km/hr. The HARPY, is fitted with adjustable artillery and 500 km flight range.They have introduced ‘SEARCHER’ which has a flight speed of 200 Km/ hr and flies at an average flight time of 18 Hrs.

For India, the DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization), have designed the NISHANT, which is based on catapult technology for it’s take off and using a parachute for it’s direct descent.The other Drone modification is the RUSTOM 1 & 2 with attached wheels for it’s take off & landing.

The question arises then. Why should students of Schools & Colleges take up a Course in Drone Operations & it’s Maintenance?

This part of the important question, we have always covered during our detailed presentations of the Course, the Syllabus and Drone Applications in our country today.The advantages are:

  1. To join as intern or direct Drone Operators for the public sector and private sector employment as well.
  2. For Aerial mapping & survey. National Geographic channel or applications exist in our own Wild Life Sanctuaries.
  3. Aerial Cinematography, presently used extensively.
  4. In Industrial inspection and remote monitoring.
  5. Aplications exist in Agriculture & Farming. Drones will become popular with the advent of Global Warming.
  6. In shipment and deep sea crude oil delivery management.
  7. In UAV design, fabrication and Data Processing for job profile or an an entrepreneur.
  8. Geological Survey of India uses Drones for Oil exploration and mineral extraction.
  9. Kolkata Police uses Drones for crowd control during important festivals & special occasions.
  10. Drones are used in deep sea diving and as surveillance in boat capsizing support and in several marine support assignments.

Our Defense forces understood the importance of Drones. Israel aerial defence is vastly improved and our country is in a cradle surrounded by political opportunists and also internally by disintegrating forces. Why not skill our youth considering the present circumstances all over India and the World?

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