Google Chrome Will Launch A New Feature For Android Users


For Android users, Google Chrome has passed a new ‘Preview Page’ option. On this new page, users can see the contents of a page before they open it on their phones.

As per sources, Google has invested two years behind this feature before adding it to Chrome 89 for Android. In February Google added another feature to it which helps users to group up the tabs together so that users can view in its grid format.

For Android, when a user long-presses the links on Google Chrome and gets a context menu. But now, users can also see a preview page option between the ‘Open in the incognito tab’ and ‘Copy link address.
Before committing to clicking on a link, Chrome’s Android app now lets you preview a webpage, the news agency ANI quoted at 9to5 Google report.

Recently Google also announced that it will add the ‘Full Coverage’ feature to Google Search. For people, this feature would make it easier for them to explore all aspects of a story from a different outlook. On Google blog posts, these details were published.

The new updated feature allows everyone to explore top news, local headlines, explainers, interviews, in-depth articles, and more with a single click.

On mobile phones, Google’s ‘Full Coverage’ in search is also available. It will begin with US English. In the future, it will cover various languages and locations.

If users quickly want to check the contents of a webpage without fully leaving their current page, it’s a very useful feature for them.

Google Chrome New Feature For Android Users

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