AI: TIBCO announces enhancements to DQ and EBX products

TIBCO adds machine learning capabilities and upgrades its UI to make it easier for business users to find data.

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TIBCO Software, announced Tuesday that it has evolved its data quality capabilities into the new TIBCO DQ product family. It also announced key enhancements to its TIBCO Data Virtualization and TIBCO EBX products within the Unify portfolio.

These announcements are designed to help organizations develop a data fabric on any cloud platform unrestricted by siloed data.

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“An agile data fabric democratizes corporate data in a way that’s easily accessible, automated, and augmented with AI,” Mark Palmer, senior vice president of engineering for TIBCO, said in a press release. “Our recent innovations include smart matching for master data management, automated data quality that intuitively corrects errors before they impact decision-making, and processing streaming data as part of the next-generation of real-time digital business.”

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TIBCO DQ will become the new data quality product family, which are ” … based on [data analytics firm] Information Builder’s OMNI products, but has been integrated with the TIBCO family to add Data Quality capability to TIBCO EBX, TIBCO Data Virtualization and more,” Palmer said in an email. Current capabilities are improved using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate quality detection, monitoring and anomaly resolution. TIBCO completed its acquisition of Information Builders in January of this year.

Data quality monitoring capabilities assist data engineers in overseeing data quality across all sources, as well as supporting automated remediation and fully audited business user-centric workflows. Cloud-native container support and SaaS offerings help customers deploy data quality in any public cloud, private cloud or on-premises.

“Cloud-native means that the Unify products are designed to be deployed by our customers on the cloud platforms of their choosing easily because they take advantage of the native tooling on those platforms,” Palmer said in an email.

Enhancements to TIBCO EBX includes a low-code scripting, a streamlined configuration, smart match and merge of data processes, and extended integration with new development APIs. A new data processing engine supports rapid processing of large volumes of data. EBX is central to improving master data management, a critical and central part of agile data fabrics.

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The TIBCO Data Virtualization upgrades make data more easily accessible in the cloud and on-premises. With a one-click search, any business user can discover and access data in seconds.

The new TIBCO Data Virtualization workbench allows citizen data engineers to prepare and transform data with a web-based, low-code interface.

“Partnering with TIBCO, we streamlined data sharing across our organization, deploying advanced data management solutions that transformed how we interact with and consume data from multiple sources,” Katie McDonald, senior director of data management for Change Healthcare, said in a press release. “This allowed us to democratize data in the business and bring transparency to our data management operations.”

Today’s news is just one in a series of announcements coming out of its TIBCO NOW virtual data conference.

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