9 Web Design Principles: Your Website Designers Need To Be Aware Of


You, me and everybody desires an effective and quick process for almost everything. Isn’t it? Now the question is- why we do it? The answer is “simple.” Because time is precious and we need to finish a lot of works.

Needless to say, a well-structured website is like an opportunity for a business. The business can be a small, medium or a large one. Web browsers do not require a lot of time to browse a well-designed website.

In such a short period of time, a website can catch viewers’ attention. Thus, we have listed 10 web design ideas that will surely help you create an effective web page, and also help you choose the best website design company in India for your next project.

Keep Your Website Simple

It is said, simple is effective. A simple and clear cut designed website not only attracts users but also give your website a descent look. It also help your users to move from one page to another easily. A simple website loads very quickly, which is a benefit. Also, make it sure that the content you put in the website is easily understood by the users.

You can add various features to your site to meet the necessities but try to keep the layout as easy as you can. It is important to ensure that your users feel comfortable looking at and using your website.

Leave the White Space

Making use of white space in your website keeps the site simple and clean. They can be spaces between metrics, graphics and columns, to name a few. It should be like simple visual information, colors or typography.


Consistency is the key. Here, you need to ask a simple question. Whether you want to stay or leave. Yes, imagine as a typical web browser, when you are on the website and realized that you should keep a distinct navigation for each web page.

The options of over-saturation on a website may appear good, but it not easy for your users to make the right choice. If you maintain the consistency in your website, your users will surely feel cool.

Readability & Topography

If you think your style is cool, then you are excellent. Just think for a while, your website is getting a hell of a lot of traffic, but if you are not optimizing it, then do it as soon as possible. Try to make it SEO-friendly.

In order to do it, try to design visually attracting typography by making it difficult of keywords, heading with keywords and other SEO elements. If you are not sure how to do it, then an experienced website design company in India can help you.


Mobile friendly website not only sounds good but also beneficial for your site. It helps boost your site’s traffic and earn your site higher rank in SERP.

Today’s age is the age of smartphone. Smartphone users visit many different websites. Therefore, creating mobile-friendly website is important. It is also important for organic SEO. If you get in touch with an expert website design company in kolkata, they will tell you the importance of responsive website design.  


Communication will be more transparent, if your website is capable to provide useful information that your users are looking for. Therefore, it is important to concentrate on the duration of the visits of each user.

To make sure, whether your users are getting transparent information, your content should be specific with relevant subheadings and titles. You can either use bullet points or make individual points to make the content more meaningful and lucid.

Visual Hierarchy

Like communication, visual hierarchy is another important things. Your site may have a variety of menus, like forms and call-to-action buttons. These could be successful by creating responsive UI and UX design. You must have seen that a large number of websites use customized visual hierarchy.

When you visit a website to purchase something, that image will give you info about the item or product, and the best way to buy it. To make it easy and quick to avail it. It is one of the most important fundamental principles behind any site.

Color Palate & Imagery

The selection of colors and imagery are two most important things that a website design company in Kolkata needs to understand. You can talk to them about your favorite color and images, but a web designer needs to be cautious about mixing the colors and context.

You need to be sure that the chosen color scheme can provide users a pleasant environment. The use of too dark or too light colors could result in an unpleasant environment. To make it sure that your site is more customized, pleasant and user friendly, it is recommended to highlight dark color in the Buy Now, Click On or Add to Cart button.

Images make a website cool, more authentic and attractive. But your web designer should have right understanding which images and where to use images that can make your website more attractive to your users.

Hick’s Law

According to Hick’s law, if you have more than one alternatives or a variety of alternatives to choose from, then taking a decision could be difficult, and it would take some time.

Actually, advertising and marketing via digital gives customers multiple possibilities to choose from. Therefore, if you plan to market a product or service, then you need to make it sure that you have a suitable filter. Here, your filter is your “website” that should be designed by an expert website design company in India. Your website will allow your customers to make the right decision in a short period of time.  

The Bottom Line

The process of designing or redesigning a website is not an easy job. If you are not an expert in it, you should not try it. It would be better if you hire an experienced website design company Kolkata. It can take a long time. It can take website designer’s day off or even cancel his or her kid’s birthday.

A successful website can serve your business. Your designer and users both will satisfy, if it is designed and developed properly, keeping in mind the points we have discussed here in this post. Last, but certainly not least, you need to connect to an expert website design company in India to get affordable prices.

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